I am here to help you feel comfortable in your skin!

Before every facial treatment I analyse your skin to see what skin type you have and from there I advise you what facial treatment would is best for you to receive for the maximum rejuvenating. healthy, glowing results!

For many years I have been using Anti Ageing Medical Japanese skincare products. These fantastic products called UTSUKUSY you don’t only feel your skin is fully hydrated and soft but you can really see a difference in your skin! They have a big option on skincare products and have been created with lots of care, natural Japanese ingredients are different in every each product you use, cream or serum. You get a distinctive fresh smell of a Japanese flower or plant in each product is different. I can treat oily skin, dry and sensitive skin and the most common skin condition is combination skin type. Using my long years of experience and the right skincare I can help with chronic skin imbalance like; Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Rosacea and also help to reduce open pores, reduce red patches and most of all tightening skin around face, neck and chest area.

I am spezialised in collagen boosting Japanese face massage a ancient technique that they used too use on Japanese princesses. It activates the circulation in your skin and therefore produces collagen from itself, the lymphatic system gets stimulated too reduce inflammation around eye area, releases energy blockages and stress!

Elizabeth Racz


Elizabeth Racz
Avenida Gabriel Miró 34
Centro Comercial Perlamar Local 12
(Opposite Gran Hotel Sol y Mar 1st floor)
03710 CALPE / Alicante
Mobile: +0034 617 085 725
Skype: elizabeth.racz1

I call Elizabeth ”my beauty Queen”. Wouldn’t let anyone else touch my face when i’m in Spain. I really recommend a visit in her top modern and… Read more

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