Aesthetic Treatments

Hollywood Peel

Isabel Rodriguez Carcoal Peel

The Hollywood peel is a very deep cleansing facial, more effective than a normal steam cleansing treatment that works with highest safest technology extracting black and white spots, whitening pigmentation and rejuvenating the skin at the same time.

You will notice a slight heat sensation on your skin but painless! The heat of the laser activates the collagen in your skin at the same time giving you a fresh, tight and glowy looking complexion, without irritation or skin getting red.

It reduces fine lines and improves the disappearance of acne scars and open pores. It is suitable for every skin type and safe to do any time of the year.

  • Price: 135€


HIFU Lifting Facial

HIFU is a non-surgical treatment done with high intensity focused ultrasound and it works down deep into the skin tissue. This treatment works for the face, neck and/ or body, and it’s completely safe.

The treatment is done by our nurse Lola, with several years of experience. She visits us 2 to 3 times a month from Alicante.

This intensive yet not invasive rejuvenating treatment is recommended to do once or twice a year only because it works very deep into the skin.

After the treatment you will see some immediate results but the end results you see after 3 months of the treatment with a tighter and lifted skin.


  • Face: 365€
  • Face + neck: 395€
  • Face + neck + Dekoltée: 435€

Botox, Threads and Natural Filler


  • 1 Zone botox: 150€
  • 1 Hyaluronic Acid Filler 1ml: 300€
  • PDO threads fine (20 fine threads): 300€

Clients on the first visit get a 10% DISCOUNT

Special OFFERS available if you treat more than 1 area on the face.

Laser Azul (To Remove Aesthetic Imperfections)

Do you have any aesthetic imperfections you would like to get rid of? With the new laser technology, our qualified and experienced nurse Lola can help you to get rid of any aesthetic problem you have on your skin, like:

  • warts
  • milium cysts
  • skin tags
  • lentigos
  • ruby points
  • hyperplasias
  • keratosis
  • nevus
  • vascular spiders
  • face spots
  • This laser also erases Tattoos!

The treatment is painless, totally safe and suitable for any skin type. There can be redness on the area treated for around 24 hours after the laser treatment and it will last a certain time for the imperfections to disappear. Sessions and prices may be different for every person.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
We are working with the latest technology called Diodo SHR that is fast and painless to remove hair on any area of your body, and is suitable for any hair color. If you would like to get rid of hair permanently, this laser makes life easier by not worrying about shaving or waxing and it improves the skin condition at the same time too.

During the treatment the laser energy is converted into heat that damages the hair follicles and delays your hair growth. Depending on the area of the body, your hair thickness, hormone levels and medications you may take, it requires two to four sessions with a distance of 2 months after each session, to notice no more hair is visible.

Please contact us for prices and more information.

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